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We have been shooting schools in the North Georgia and Metro Atlanta area for over ten years. We love to work with parents to create a beautiful keepsake of their child's school year all while bringing needed photography services to schools for their yearbook and school software needs. Each school has its own individual needs that we custom design services for. To find a current school, simply navigate through the tabs above.


Quality is everything

School photography is an important aspect of any educational institution. It provides students, staff, and parents with a tangible reminder of their time spent in school. Good quality school photography is crucial in capturing the essence of a school and its community. In this article, we will discuss the key elements that contribute to good quality school photography.


Lighting is a crucial aspect of good quality school photography. Proper lighting can make a photo look sharp, clear, and vibrant. On the other hand, poor lighting can create shadows, blur, and a lack of detail. The ideal lighting for school photography is natural light. This can be achieved by taking photos outside or near windows during the daytime. If indoor photography is necessary, it is essential to have adequate lighting to ensure the best quality photographs.


Composition refers to the arrangement of elements within a photograph. A well-composed photo draws the viewer's attention to the subject and creates a pleasing visual experience. In school photography, the subject is usually the student, and the composition should showcase their personality and character. The use of different angles, backgrounds, and props can help to create a unique and interesting composition.


Good communication between the photographer and the subject is essential for good quality school photography. The photographer should make the student feel comfortable and relaxed, which will result in a more natural and authentic photograph. The photographer should also communicate the intended outcome of the photograph and guide the student on how to pose or interact with the environment.


Good quality school photography requires good quality equipment. The photographer should use a high-quality camera with a fast shutter speed to capture clear and sharp images. The use of different lenses can also add depth and dimension to the photographs. It is also important to have backup equipment in case of technical issues.


Editing is the final step in creating good quality school photography. It involves enhancing the image by adjusting the color, contrast, and sharpness. The use of editing software can also remove blemishes, unwanted objects, or distractions from the photograph. It is important to note that editing should not be overdone, as it can result in an unnatural or unrealistic image.

In conclusion, good quality school photography is an essential element of any educational institution. It captures the essence of a school and its community and provides a tangible reminder of time spent in school. The key elements that contribute to good quality school photography are lighting, composition, communication, equipment, and editing. By implementing these elements, a photographer can produce high-quality photographs that will be cherished by students, staff, and parents for years to come.

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