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Worried About Rain On Your Wedding Day?

What is your perfect wedding day weather? Most brides to be will tell you a gorgeous blue sky day with those pretty puffy white clouds and no chance of rain and a high of 80 degrees. Sounds good, right? Every bride worries about it. It is called rain. Let’s face it, nobody want thunderstorms, rain and a chance of hail on their wedding day. The problem is not every wedding day is going to have perfect weather. Let’s look at some things you can do to be prepared. Wedding ceremony, is there a covered drive that guests can enter and exit the facility? If you are planning an outdoor wedding, have you located the ceremony and tent if you are using one adjacent to a secure structure? Remember getting wet is one thing but the safety of your family and guests is paramount.

About two years ago we photographed a wedding that was an outdoor wedding with a reception under a nearby tent. The forecast called for rain and hail. Well the wedding was set up right next to a stone building so the backup plan was in place. It did rain on an off but there was a break in the clouds and the chairs were dried off and the wedding took place outside in the beautiful meadow and the reception was under the tent tied to the building. It turned out great. The time before and after the ceremony, it was raining. As their wedding photographer, I had to work with the rain. One great image we got was under a colorful umbrella. As a wedding photographer for twenty years, I have gotten used to working to make the rain work for my bride and groom. Whenever there is rain in the forecast I will bring a large colorful umbrella for some romantic images. Often times I use cover just adjacent to the outdoors to create images that look as if they are outside all the while keeping my couple dry. I often look for reflections of pooled water on the ground after a rain for some low angle images that act as a mirror reflecting the couple. I also look for raindrops on glass and sometimes shoot through it and that can give an almost watercolor look to an image. What you will want to do in your early planning is make sure you contract an experienced PPA certified professional wedding photographer.

So if you have rain in your forecast, don’t worry. Plan ahead, relax and see it as showers of blessing. There is nothing you can do to stop it anyway, so just enjoy the day as your love shines bright with family and friends that day.

Contact us today for your wedding. Let's see if we are a good fit and have space on the calendar.

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