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One of the most unique and interesting photographs is one that tells a story. Many brides do not realize just how important it is to tell the story of their wedding and the love that the bride and groom have for each other. Recently I have begun researching my family history. One of the portraits that I found was a wedding portrait of my great grandparents. In fact, realizing that the portrait was taken at the turn of the century and how special it was and would be to my family, I decided to upload it to This way the portrait would be available essentially forever.

You may think having formal wedding portraits or a bridal portrait made may not be that important, well think again. Portraits are one of those things in life that when planned and captured by a professional wedding photographer, can become a family heirloom and will become more valuable as time goes on. Just think of that special family member that you miss and has passed away. How much is that portrait worth? It’s priceless as it should be.

As you plan your wedding, keep in mind a couple of things. Number one, like everything in life, you tend to get what you pay for. With this said, remember that the only way to relive your wedding day will be thru the pages of your wedding album. Do your homework and hire the best wedding photographer that you can afford. The second thing to do is look for a personality you are comfortable with. Your wedding photographer will spend most of the wedding day around you and your family. You want someone that is happy to be there and you are comfortable to be around. One of the best things is to have an engagement session done prior to the wedding so you can have a test run. The engagement session will give you a great indication of their personality. Lastly the most important thing is experience. Just because someone takes great baby portraits does not mean that they are good with all of the dynamics and complexities that come with a wedding, working with church rules, timelines and family members. Only a very experienced professional is comfortable in such a high pressure setting.

Weddings are one of those rare occasions when families put aside the activities of the day and come together to celebrate the joining of two people in love and welcome new members to the family. It is that rare occasion to tell a love story and capture everyone in photography. Sadly families come together at funerals and weddings the most. Make the most of life’s happy moments. Hire a certified professional photographer with great references and a portfolio you like.

Lynn Brown is an Atlanta wedding photographer based in Gwinnett County

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