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Trash The Dress

Maybe you have heard the term, “trash the dress”? What is it? Well it is a popular session that brides are electing to do after their wedding. It involves reusing the wedding day dress for a fun or crazy bridal portrait session. It may involve getting a little dirty or it can involve totaling “trashing” the dress. It is a session that creates images that definitely make you stop and do a double take when you see them. They have a shock or “wow” factor to them. Take a look at the two images below

This session is certainly not for everybody. If the idea of wearing your wedding dress again for a fun crazy session does not sound good, than forget this type of session. If you like the idea of creating a “show stopper” or a conversation piece, than this may be just the session for you. These are two brides that I photographed in this type of session. The image at the beach was done as a Destin Beach wedding in Florida. This session was done after the wedding. We had fun in the water, getting some very unique images like the one pictured. The dress was professionally cleaned and is still tucked away today and was no worse for the wear. The other image of the bride was made at an area junk yard in Lawrenceville, Georgia. This was a fun session as we found my favorite requirements of texture and color. The image was enhanced in Adobe Photoshop and the dress itself was also undamaged and cleaned after the session.

The biggest obstacle to overcome with this session is usually the objection that a bride’s mom will make. After all, it is usually the bride’s mom that has purchased the dress. We have found that several brides enjoy the session but ask for a session that still keeps the dress in usable condition. We have also found that in checking our local shops that sell used clothing, we can sometimes find a dress that can be used instead of the bride’s actual dress.

This type of session can be as unique as the bride herself. We have had brides on horse, 4 wheelers, the top of Stone Mountain, in a city park and even in a swimming pool. As an Atlanta wedding photographer, I find this session can be done in our area almost any time of the year except maybe December, January and February. Even then, it depends on what is being done and how much a bride may want to endure to have this done. The Spring and Fall are certainly the most idea times and if using the beach or water features the summer is best.

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