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Florida Wedding Photography

Florida wedding photography.This past September we had the privilege of photographing a wedding in Mexico Beach, Florida which is in the Panhandle of Florida below Panama City. Weddings at the beach can always be a risk with wind, weather, travel etc. As a wedding photographer in Atlanta and all the travel I have done for weddings, after 23 years of shooting weddings this I can say is one of my favorites. God truly looked down on Rebekkah and Casey and gave them an incredible day. Their story is so special that I have even asked them to share how they met. Take the time to read this beautiful love story. It will be well worth your time.

Destin, Florida wedding

Our Love story:           

Our love story started years before Casey and I met.  It started with prayers and letters for our future spouses.  I started praying when I was 15 for my husband.  I always felt God would work and bring Him to me and I was to wait on Him.  As the many, many years passed, I would often try to find someone on my own and would step ahead of God.  Each time, God would speak to me after a few dates and say “not this one”.  Some were easier to let go of than others.  I kept trusting Him for my perfect man.  I switched jobs in 2012 to St. Mary’s.  I felt that it was there I would meet my husband.  After I had worked there for one year, God still hadn’t shown Him to me yet and He called me away from St. Mary’s on a mission trip.  When I arrived back in the states about a year later, I started looking for a job. God literally handed me a job that wasn’t advertised at St. Mary’s in Labor and Delivery.  After I had been in Labor and Delivery for almost a year, my boss sent me a text message late one Friday night asking if I wanted to meet a guy.  I agreed to it, but didn’t think it would go anywhere.  As we started talking, I realized he was different than the other guys.  He was my country gentleman.  He loved his family and he loved God.   We met right before Christmas and God gave me one of the sweetest Christmas gifts that year!  As we had started dating, I had to work through my idea that God had a perfect man for me.  Even though I know no one is perfect, my man was supposed to be.  There was never a sweeter moment for me, (but not for my poor man) than when I came to him with all my fears about him because he wasn’t perfect.  Instead of getting mad at me, yelling or walking away, he gently told me “I know 100% what I want and I am looking at you right now.”  Never had I felt such love.  It was then I realized that he was perfect for me.  He saw all my ugliness and flaws and loved me just as my sweet Jesus does!  A girl can’t ask for anything more!  Ten months after we started dating we shared our vows and committed to love each other for the rest of our lives.  My only thought growing up for my wedding was that it would be on the beach.  When I met Casey and realized he was more of a mountain guy than a beach guy, I put that dream to rest.  As time went on, my family and I planned our yearly beach trip and Casey was going to come with us.  As we talked though everything, we realized that our dreams for a wedding could come true if we got married on the beach. For me, it was a wedding on the beach and for Casey, it was a small intimate wedding.  God showed up on that day and showered us with the most gorgeous night we could have asked for.  His glory shown through! Our new life has started and we are so excited to watch God continue to move mightily in our lives so His glory may constantly shine through us!

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