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Madeline & Madison l Knoxville,Tennessee

Even though I am an Atlanta wedding photographer, I have been very busy this summer and I have failed to post some weddings on our blog because I also photograph over a 100 seniors every summer. However, busy or not I had to post this article because this bride Madelyn is not just a client but has been a sweet friend for many years. I remember Madelyn when she was in middle school and high school and went to Hebron Christian Academy, she also helped babysit my kids after my late husband Ed passed away. So as you can imagine, this young lady is very, very special! Below is a little about how Madelyn and Madison met.

In Madelyn’s words….

Although we are both from Georgia, we actually met in Richmond, Virginia at a training. The training was a two month program to help prepare us to go overseas. Madison was heading to Kathmandu, Nepal and Madelyn was going to the south of India. It definitely wasn’t love at first sight, but after spending a lot of time together playing basketball and running, the Lord slowly changed both of our hearts. About two weeks before we jetted off to our new homes, we established that we liked each other and would see where things went. Over the course of the next six months, we communicated through Skype and realized that we both really cared about each other. We were able to visit one another multiple times, travel to Thailand twice with groups of friends, and even got to travel back to the States together via London!


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