It's true! We have moved. Our business location in Dacula for the past 22 years has been sold. The past few years the large majority of our business has been done on location so we decided it was a good time to make the transition away from the retail location we have been at since 1999. We are still busy working in the community with family portraits, weddings and school pictures. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 770-831-2144 or email: to continue serving you with your photographic needs. Thanks!


In a recent interview with Lynn Brown:

What is your favorite thing about the wedding day?

Passion. Simply put, I love to use my passion and experience with couples to document the passion they have for each other.  Couples can share this experience with anyone, but they choose me! I find this humbling and an honor as I get to spend that day creating art as memorable as their love is for each other.

Who is your ideal couple?

My ideal couple is a couple that puts creativity, spontaneity and fun, front and center. A couple that see's their special day as a true work of art that only I can document from my experience, personality and uniqueness.

What is Lynn's favorite thing from past weddings?

Honestly, it is running into a couple long after the wedding at a restaurant or mall and seeing that same couple perhaps with children or some gray hair and age on them, saying hello, having a laugh... and remembering the special moments I spent with them on one of the most important days in their life.  Many of these couples tell me about how their love has grown and cherish their wedding day photographs from years past.  That is priceless beyond compare!


Who is Lynn Brown?

Lynn has been photographing wedding days for over twenty years. She had the incredible opportunity to learn under some of the greatest wedding photographers in the United States. Starting at the age of 23, Lynn quickly gained invaluable experience and access to some of the most amazing venues and locations, building a stunning portfolio in a short time. Lynn become an award winning photographer and obtain her Master's of Photography from the Professional Photographers of America as well as the Photographic Craftsman degree for teaching. Now over twenty years later, Lynn is as excited and pumped about 'your" big day as she was in year one.  

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